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Apr 1, 1996

We are on a journey, equipped with belief and resolution,

Walking without stopping to surmount all obstacles;

With hopes fresh as days breaking after nights.

And the future worlds appear in mists from ahead

Light about to rise on the horizon is red like roses;

First rays of the sun are touching the high hill-tops;

All obstacles fall away, one after another.

A spring awaits us finer than any that went before.

We are sailing over deep and limitless oceans:

Our eyes bright with happiness, and souls at peace,

Feeling from the heart the joy of our existence,

The fragrance of paradise pervades everywhere.

Rays of light pouring into our souls in abundance,

We are as if seeing in advance the happy times to come.

Night is about to die, it is the hour of day-break -

At the door of the future we meet the post unexpectedly.

A gorgeous spring prevails where once was autumn.

Light breezes and leaves whisper to each other.

Tunes of eternity are sung in different pitches;

There are varied meanings in the waving of flags.

Let us go on and not stop, the destination being near:

Life like a mysterious dream, belief like a sweet melody,

Our lives are recorded on a permanent register

As existence is so fine, its end is assuredly finer.