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July 2018

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Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Talwin and Tamkin (Coloring and Self-Possession)

Meaning coloring, taking on a color, painting, and presenting different views, talwin (coloring) in the Sufi language is an important degree belonging to those who continuously seek to change their st... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Ceyda Sablak

Photosystem II: Can It Be Applied in Hydrocar Technology?

For hundreds of years, people believed that the sun rotated around the Earth. Similarly, people have misbelieved that the reason for photosynthesis was to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen for humans t... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Ulan Dakeev, Mariee Cruz Mendoza

Virtual Reality as a Learning Tool in Modern Education

A group of friends are out in the city, shopping. While they are walking down a crowded sidewalk, they hear a siren. That siren is a warning of an attack. People begin to run and scream when the frien... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Hakan Gok

Albert Camus and Said Nursi on the Problem of Evil

Many atheists suggest that if God exists, there should not be evil, since God, by definition, is omnipotent, omniscient, and benevolent. Therefore, atheists conclude that the existence of evil actuall... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Bitter Truths and Hopes

Thus far in time, and across different parts of the world, we have witnessed desires to realize a great many disparate notions of freedom, fraternity, and equality represented through differing philos... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Lara Middleton

How Is Baby Affected If The Parents’ Blood Types Do Not Match?

Happy start Your blood type is one of the least important matters in your life unless you are in a medical situation where blood transfusion is needed. It also matters when you decide to have a baby.... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Nyri Bakkalian

Curtains in the Breeze

Trauma and memory being the strange things they are, a part of me will always be there. A part of me will always be frozen in time, still a young twentysomething with her heart in her throat on a Beir... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Beth J. Polazzo

80 Miles

80 miles. 80 long, traffic-filled miles ahead of me. Breathe. Yes. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. This isn't working. The call that I have been dreading for over ten years has come. “Andrew is dying... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Kassandra M. Lighthouse

It’s Not About Where You Break

After watching my father battle a severe mental illness, threaten my family members, and assault a family friend, I called the police on him. It was 11 p.m., the night before Easter. Though most of t... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Ferhat Ozturk

Honey: The First Wound Healing Agent in Human History

Hay and Su had been hungry for almost a week. Spring was in full bloom, and birds were chirping. Living in a cave was safer and warmer than outside, especially during the long winters. However, the fo... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Rabbi Larry Seidman

Göbekli Tepe: The World’s First Religious Temple

Discovery In 1963, a team of American and Turkish archeologists surveyed Southeast Turkey, looking for sites of archeological importance. Eight miles from the city of Sanliurfa, they climbed a hill c... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 124)

Magnetic wire could allow early cancer detection Vermesh O. et al. An intravascular magnetic wire for the high-throughput retrieval of circulating tumor cells in vivo. Nature Biomedical Engineering... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Felix Kaiza

A Global Democratization Formula

One morning, an office friend gets my attention and asks, “Have I (ever) given you this book?” The face on the well-designed cover is familiar. It is that of a thoughtful Fethullah Gülen. My mind fli... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Four Most Difficult Virtues

Question: Why are forgiveness, generosity, chastity, and speaking up for truth said to be the four virtues very difficult to accomplish? The following is related in Al-Munabbihat (The Counsel) with r... read more..

Issue 124 (July - Aug 2018)
Justin Pahl

Finding Faith in Difficult Times: Ten thinkers on the writings of Said Nursi

Many western readers are unfamiliar with Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, an Islamic scholar who wrote mostly in the first half of the twentieth century. Those few who are familiar with Nursi – who know that ... read more..

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