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May 2010

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Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
The Fountain

Beyond the Mountains

In the morning I checked everything a second time: yes, I had my razors and shaving cream, an extra shirt just in case of spilling tea, and of course lots of socks, for visiting a book fair means a lo... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Chaos and the Mystical World of Faith

Today, everyone breathes resentment, swallows hatred, curses all that is deemed to be an enemy with a fixed and determined passion, as if programmed for fury. The ink that flows on the pages of newspa... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
H. Huseyin Erdem

The Water Towers of the World

Mountains have been the source of inspiration to human beings in history, with their magnificence and great silence. As the famous mountain photographer Ansel Adams said, "No matter how sophisticated ... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Eren Tatari

Existential Questions: Can We Avoid Them?

I recall a conversation that I had with my best friend in high school. I was deeply troubled by the death of my sister, who passed away a few years ago at the age of 19, and was asking my friend what ... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Abdul-Gafar 'Tobi' Oshodi

Bridging Omo-ilu and Ara-ilu Gaps... A Simple Justobification

Societies are often classified into different groups. These groups could be ethnic, as in most Sub-Saharan African societies, or racial, as in the mixed societies of South Africa, Western Europe, Aust... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Harold R. Olcese

Why the Arrows of Misfortune Strike Good People

“In heaven all is gladness. In hell all is sorrow. Upon this earth, since it lies between, sometimes the one, and sometimes the other. We have our being between the two extremes, and so it partakes read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Ibrahim Ugurlu

I Am the Earth

My existence is essential for human life, and only human beings can truly appreciate my value. I was created in the most suitable way for humans to live among the many other planets continuously orbit... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Mirkena Ozer

A Record to Break...

Halima heard the front door close with a click that was almost inaudible. Casting a quick look at the digital clock on the kitchen counter, she surmised that her son, Ahmet, must have come home from s... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Tawakkul, Taslim, Tafwiz, and Thiqa (Reliance, Surrender, Commitment, and Confidence)

Reliance, surrender, commitment, and confidence are the four steps or stations of a spiritual journey beginning with reliance on (or trust in) God, continuing in full awareness of one’s helplessness a... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Mustafa Tabanli

Natural is Nothing Less Than Miraculous

Alexander: I worry about this huge activity to try and make ourselves immortal, and try to extend our life by another decade or so, when such big slices of the world’s population are still lacking eve... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Seth Mette

Storm of Change

It was one of the first days of spring when a butterfly appeared in our forest. She was so charming in her vibrant blues, yellows, and blacks that everyone wanted to be close to the butterfly. In orde... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Marylynn Schiavi

Spiritual Capital for Social Change

When talking about capital most people think of money, gold, homes, and land. But there is a new and growing perspective focused on non-traditional capital, according to Dr. Katherine Marshall, a lead... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Alice Bolton

When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes

Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a TimeBy Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin2006, Penguin Books “The first time you share tea with a Balti, you are a stranger,... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Irfan Yilmaz

It's me Peter, your Endocrine System!

Peter! We are now approaching the end of the series of organs that told you about themselves. They have been pointing out the seal of God on them, and celebrating themselves as they manifest the beau... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
Hikmet Isik

Delusion of Immortality

Question: How can the delusion of immortality be overcome? The phrase “delusion of immortality” means people think they are eternal and immortal. Such people are obsessed with the world, as if they w... read more..

Issue 75 (May - June 2010)
The Fountain

A New Hope for Type I Diabetes

1- Leptin therapy for diabetes Original Article: Wang, M. et al., PNAS (published online before print on March 1, 2010). Periodic injections of insulin to manage blood sugar levels is critical for t read more..

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